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Clients' Testimonials

Minerva HR Suite is one of the simplest HRMS available in the market today. We, at Pearson Group, have been using it and are very happy with the product and its features. The best part of this product is its scalability.

Araktim Saikia
Manager - Compensation & Benefits
People Function, Pearson Group India

TenXLabs analyzed our testing processes and measured our test maturity level. They also developed a roadmap for test automation and helped us roll out a metrics program to measure product quality. This helped us reduce the length of our testing cycles and deliver a high quality product to our clients with greater confidence.

Sasi Paul
Director Engineering
Cura Software

TenXLabs leveraged its advanced testing competencies to help us create a robust, reusable automation testing framework to identify defects early in the product lifecycle. The automation testing framework, built using Selenium and performance testing framework built using JMeter, will allow us to reduce the length of our testing cycles for the current and subsequent releases of the product.

James Wright
General Manager, Test Service Operations
Software Development Technologies

Minerva HRMS


We help manage your company's most important assets – your employees. HR automation is critical for boosting productivity. HRMS tools give you the ability to recruit the right talent, improve employee morale and retain your best people. A system that automates these, if implemented correctly, will pay for itself.

Join leading global enterprises that have streamlined their HR & business operations and reduced costs related to manually processing HR procedures by over 50% using Minerva HRMS.

  • Expertise that cuts across industry domains: BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Education
  • Automation of the end-to-end HR process from Hire to Retire
  • Highly customizable and easy to use solution
  • Integration with ERP / other 3rd party software

About TenXLabs


TenXLabs delivers best-in-class technology solutions for its clients at lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Based on the principles of frugal engineering, TenXLabs creates highly optimized solutions that deliver meaningful stakeholder outcomes. The company leverages lean cross-functional teams and young talent to promote new ideas, encourage creative thinking and bring about technological, process and organizational innovation.

The TenXLabs team has diverse backgrounds with years of domain and technology experience. They have pooled their industry experience to develop a unique, multi-faceted approach to creating solutions for global organizations.

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